About Me.

Shamus Johnson


Hi, my name is Shamus (pronounced shay-mus). I’m 26 and currently reside in Ventura, California with my girlfriend and two dogs. I’ve been actively working in the design industry for over 5 years and love what I do.


I attended the Ventura Technology Development Center, where I learned the basics of design tools like Adobe Photoshop and Indesign, and also learned basic camera work. After graduating from TDC, I began doing my own research online and really crafted my skill by reading about the latest design techniques and watching other designers as much as possible. My career started with creating 2D Motion Graphics for an online learning website and doing any freelance work in my spare time. I now primarily create 3D designs, backplates, and animations for Lynda.com at LinkedIn. I am always excited to work on new projects in my spare time, so feel free to share your requests  to work@shittyrenders.com.


I’m currently working on a daily render project on my Instagram handle @shittyrenders, where I try to upload a new render every day. This project has really excercised my ability to come up with new and fresh ideas as well as new techniques I’ve never thought to implement before. I love hearing feedback on my projects and reading what different people are interested in, so please follow me on Instagram and “Like” the renders that appeal to you most. I strive to make this project as interesting and fun as possible, so let me know if you’d like to see tutorials, breakdowns, or shared project files in the future.


Main Design Tools:
Cinema 4D – Vray – Octane
After Effects


Main Work Focus:
Product visualization